Every military tour starts with a 15/20 minute map description on the first day in my minivan. My tour runs from 9am to 6pm and costs 550 euros from Bayeux. Every extra hour is an additional 50 euros. A quick lunch is possible at leisure and at your own

expense, but in order to reduce constraints on our time schedule, with a limited selection available.


Normandy is a region like a small state not a site or one small beach. As it is a large area to cover, in one day, no museums could be integrated in the tour.


Thank you for your understanding.


*All of the tours given are private tours, so all prices are the price for the whole tour, not per person*


Utah and Omaha One day of Normandy battlefields

550,00 Euro providing transportation

Omaha and Gold Alternative one day tour

550,00 Euro providing transportation


Amazing Mont­ Saint ­Michel: Ad Monte Michaelis

600 euros, including parking fees

A three ­day tour in Normandy Mix of battlefields tour and medieval history

the 3­ day tour is 1700 euros

A two day tour of Normandy Battlefields Deep inside the US war experience

1100,00 Euro providing transportation

Mont ­Saint­ Michel a jewel in its ring bay

650,00 Euro per tour providing transportation

Keys of Mont­ Saint­ Michel

The cost of this tour is 1200,00 Euro

A ray of light in the darkness

Contact us for prices. Not available all year around.

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